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Dr. Hanna Cyba and Dr. Adam Aleksander have been teaching piano for over 25 years and are exceptionally experienced and successful concert pianists and teachers - they have worked with students of all ages and levels, from very young children just beginning piano lessons to advanced concert pianists preparing for competitions, concerts and auditions. They are offer piano lessons in Bellevue, Washington and are accepting competition level as well as beginners - limited enrollment.

Our students consistently win top prizes in local and national piano competitions, Chopin NW, Russian Music Competition, PNW, PIPC, SIPF Bach and sonata/sonatina, Chopin Foundation National Scholarship Competition, Lynn University Concerto,Competition, New World School of the Arts Concerto Competition, National Federation of Music Clubs and more) and we have prepared countless students for successful auditions at leading universities and schools of music around the country. We offer our students regular opportunities to participate and perform in festivals, competitions, recitals and concerts.

Dr. Cyba and Dr. Aleksander studied in the best universities and conservatories and with the greatest teachers in the world - Sergei Babayan, Jan Ekier, Regina Smendzianka and others (in Poland and the US). Poland has such a great history (and present) of great classical concert pianists is because of the educational system where specialized music schools audition and train the most talented young students in the nation from the age of 5 through high school (and later the best conservatories), combining a complete academic education with the highest level training in music: piano, theory, music history, and ear training, and of course, much practice. This is the system which prepared us for our profession and the same philosophy we instill in our work.

Whether you or your children are interested in preparing professionally for a career as a concert pianist or to study piano because of the cultural, personal and educational benefits and rewards, we offer a specially tailored plan just right for your needs. Please also inquire about the opportunity for high quality audio and video recordings on a beautiful Yamaha C6 grand piano with professional recording equipment for auditions and competitions. If you are looking for the most highly qualified piano teachers offering piano lessons in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland and Seattle, congratulations, your search is over.